Monday, November 30, 2009

there and back again: an adventure to the edge of the world

Finally, the long wait has ended. I got to go back to my tower, my very own space with my very own bed.

For the past week and a half, the trynamic trio has been held hostage in ¨The Loft¨. As the name suggests, it was one space where we ate, watched t.v., slept, siestaed, drank, etc. Just one. I have had roommates before, but living in this kind of atmosphere was intimidation to my very core. And look at us now, we are still breathing.

Even though the space was a bit too small for 3 and a half people (don´t forget Benito, the cat), we persevered. The delicate balance of life was simultaneously in and out of our hands. We lived in the moment, but always waiting for the next. While boistrous by day, a sneeze at the wrong hour of night could have been catastrophe. And, so it goes.

So it went for 12 days. Always on the ground, then looking down and realizing you are on the edge. Don´t get dizzy, a fall would mean instant death. Space was in short supply, as was the Scotch. Why didn´t we plan for this? We knew it was coming, the least we could have done was stockpile some downers.

Needless to say, it wasn´t that bad. I got to experience living with two of the most patient and understanding human beings I have ever met. They have gained a new place in my heart reserved for family, saints and ponies. They even let me go on a tirade one night about a whole lot of nothing. I think I just wanted to talk because for the first 8 days of our unified experience, I had been feeling ill. I started feeling better. I needed to celebrate. I felt a bit ill the next day. The countdown continued.

Like Tobin had said, living without one´s space feels like you are constantly holding your breath. How true? Crawling into my tower last night, I let out the biggest sigh a Hobbit-sized pipsqueak like me could muster. The result was a glorified hiccup, but I instantly expanded into the folds of my double bed. I rolled around a bit, read until my heart´s desire (which ended up being a whole of 2o minutes), and slumbered so deeply I forgot to dream.

So, yes, it wasn´t that bad. Let´s never do it again.

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