Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All caught up... THE ART OF BEING

Slow nights with nothing but time and beer equals a night of good conversation.

Did you know that Type A personalities are not genetic? Instead, they are nourished and cultivated through one´s childhood. Type A probably breeds Type A because of the demands the parents make of the child. The result is not creativity, but a productive workforce. Now, that is not to say that Type A´s are not creative. We are just not giving ourselves enough time to allow creativity to flow because we are very concerned with working, being productive. We are those who stress for deadlines and to enter the hubub rush of a time-conscious world. We have mastered the art of doing, but doing what?

We are forced away from the things that we love to do in order to become well-rounded. In fact, only well-rounded in keeping one´s job options open. And so the system of doing perpetuates. Waste is the fuel is the waste.

What if we could live in a world of ´being´ instead of ´doing´? Being whatever makes one happiest and finding fulfillment in life instead of a treacherous path.

This is the point that my comrade, Jameson, brought up. Human beings have forgot how to live. We have become obsessed with quantifying one´s success by logging 40-80 hour work weeks instead of looking at the quality of our time spent.

We have truly become alienated from our products because they never even got the chance to exist.

Think about this for a minute:
"How little do we think of ourselves that we believe we need to work a 40+ hour work week just to earn the right to live?" - Croft

Now, I know what a typical, cynical person would say. I am one. "It seems nice to think about, but it´s not possible".

Never give up ourselves to the possibility of change.

Another quote:
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don´t have any." - Alice Walker
(it´s also the easier way out)

If one does everything he/she feels happiest at, things will work out for the best. Even if you have nothing, at least you will have your happiness.


  1. People are not forced from stuff they love unless they choose to be. Doing what you love takes commitment. Yes, it's easier to not do. Life is of your choosing, it's great if you know what you are passionate about and pursue it relentlessly. No excuses, no blame. Some people like you must be shown the way by experiencing life.How many times have we said do your passion and making a living will follow.Life is a journey, you have a good head on you, you'll find your passion.

  2. I agree with mom...But I also understand the perpetuation of Type As. The work force loves the Type A people because they'll work and work not say crap.

    The hardest thing about living tends to be the living. Sometimes we don't know what we're passionate about, or maybe we're passionate about so many things that you have to choose one over the other.

    Working does not earn us the right to live because we are alive we have the right to live, but working sure helps us to live.

    It's not always about finding passion sometimes it's finding balance in the things that make up our lives that make it worthwhile...