Sunday, November 22, 2009


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Sometimes it's something you need so you know what you are missing.

The void that shows you how much you have. The darkness to see the light. Space creates a tunnel. It guides us to the end, where wide open we find that in which was lacking.

As I sit here in the hall, with the light above me, I can't help but wonder all that I've left behind and everything that I am moving towards.

The rain falls so gently as a reminder that I don't like to get wet.

The delicate strings of a guitar are plucked behind this wall to remind me to keep dancing.

Dip my toes in the water. Let my feet tap to the beat. And, remember: la hora mas oscura es justo antes el almenecer.

Is it dawn yet?

Walking through the Sunday market, I turn down a side street. It's quiet here. Not as many feet nor boothes. I walked by an entrance where I heard a familiar tune. Don't Love You. I go inside, and what do I behold with mine eyes?

Just as I was beginning to think that I couldn't grasp this Argentine life, one of my favourite bands is playing inside an independent music/movie/literature store. So it does exist. It always does in a city. You can always find it. It might just take a little time learning your own space.

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