Friday, March 26, 2010

when you start thinking about home

It sucks to be thinking about it, but rather than be stressed, I am going to flow. In fact, I tried to stress myself out, just to see if I could, and I couldn´t.

Checking for flights with the realization that I am on my last leg of life in Buenos Aires. At least for now. What is exciting is that I am not sad, mad, or happy. I have come to accept it as an ¨is¨, living where my hands are, in the present with an awareness of the past and what is to come.

The other day, I picked up Paulo Coehlo´s, The Valkyries. Despite my consideration to become a born-again atheist, I am swept with Coehlo´s fascination and romanticization of magic and God. The story is a semi-non-fiction, which means he merely embellishes his experiences with his wife in the Mojave Desert. The couple journeys through the desert to find a band of lesbians who call themselves the Valkyries so that the women can help Coehlo and his wife meet their resprective angels. Throughtout the process, they feel their ¨souls grow¨.

The growth of the soul coincides with the ability to be in the present and to be in the present, one must look to the horizon, look outside one´s immediate space. Perhaps in the past I would have laughed, cynically, at such nonsense. You can´t even see the horizon in a city. But, then I thought to myself: This change of mood, my elation, it happened in the South. Maybe I saw the horizon. Maybe my soul has grown.

Recommended read.

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  1. I like this a lot. Atheism does not require that we stop searching for something more. It just means we are masters of ourselves, that there is not Almighty being that dictates who we are how we are to behave. At least that's to me, there are still fundamentalists that believe that even the mention of God is offensive.

    Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of Coehlo, the only book I read and have is the Witch of Portobello. But I'm glad you feel you're growing, that's what life should be about. :)