Tuesday, March 30, 2010

can't get off the "ought"

We are always torn between our want and ought, the bad and good, emotion and reason, impulse and restraint, desire and duty, selfishness and obligation.

It leads to an overall feeling of discontent and sacrifice, compromising our lives for the benefit of others, negotiating terms with god and the devil, existing in the opinion of others, created in their image.

I wonder what a world of want would look like?

We do what we ought to do because we do all things out of love and fear, we rationalize these emotions by acting for and through them, when in truth, the only love and fear one ought to want is for oneself. If you love and fear only yourself, you can choose actions based on an internal sense of well-being.

For example, I ride horses becasue I love to. I love calling some freinds and not others. I fear that I would love cocaine, so I never tried it. I fear not being in love with myself so I try to be the best peron I can be -- although mistakes are rampant in my life, but that's how I have learned the things I never want to do or say again.

The attachment to things outside of yourself, love and fear of others and other things, will tear your soul apart.

To paraphrase Marx, once we restore human dignity, only then can we truly abolish the class-system and become universally equal.

In order to restore human dignity, we should be able to work and create the things we want to.
(As long as it does not infringe on another person's freedom or life.)


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  1. What one wants & ought to do has a lot to do with what you are taught, by the society you are in. It seems that no matter what your society your in....its about power, money & the exploitation of people.Now is that nature, or nurture? How easily the brain is manipulated by the powers that be. The outcome is probably not what is expected, like the amount of violence seen in any society, and as cultures move closer to being homogeneous, to play the "game" the poorer we become as human beings.