Thursday, March 18, 2010

st patty in baires

Neat night in Buenos Aires with the comrades. Since on of my comrades is or Irish decent, Irish-Canadian to be politically correct, we headed to a St. Patty´s street party located in B.A.´s Microcentro.

The roads were blocked off, steel gates sectioning off the drunks, cops standing around chain-smoking, porteƱos dressed in green, none of who had the faintest glimmer of Irish-blood. So neat to see others celebrating for others. Kind of like Canada. Kind of like Christman, actually.

We arrived around 2AM to commence beer-drinking. That´s how it goes here, and we don´t do it often, but when we do, I take a nap at 11PM in order to prepare.

All in all, the experience was interesting to see because the area was highly policed, yet people were obviously publicly intoxicated and still drinking on the streets. And it was approaching 4AM.

Why not?

Pure happy beer buzzes.

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