Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vida Acuática: película extranjera

So I got my date with Bill, at long last. I was terrified what people, the portenos, would think of this solitary, blonde gringa meeting up with a 60-something, eccentric comedian. Despite the utter fear of being in public by myself, I persevered, I waited, and there he was, a complete inspiration.

It took me a great deal of courage to venture on my own to the cultural centre that has a microcine, libre y gratuita, open to all and free. This early eve, they were showing Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson, spanish subtitles. As I arrived at the centre, heart racing, clammy hands, I almost turned back. I couldn't try and watch this movie on my own without a posse of peeps to discuss it. What was I thinking? Then, I thought, what the hell did I come to Argentina for? The beef? Ok, the beef was a major contributing factor when it came down to a final decision, but the point of traveling was to join in and blend, absorb, live a little. In through the door.

Up the stairs there was a nice older couple waiting for the doors to open. Instantly, they greeted me,

Buenas tardes, que tal?

La pelicula esta aca?

Si, si, pero las puertas estan cerradas hasta las 5.

Well, the foot in the door, wide open, I started asking them if they had seen this movie before. They said they never even heard of Wes Anderson, but Owen Wilson was in it, so it's supposed to be funny. Don't forget Bill Murray, I said. Oh, si, si, el comico canadiense? Sure, I said. I would like to think he's Canadian, at least.

As the minutes progressed, more and more people showed up. Everyone was excited to see a pelicula extranjera, a foreign film. I was stoked to see Bill. I don't know what it is about the older generation, but I relate to them so well. Maybe it's the soul, maybe it's because they drink scotch and fine wine, wear buffed, leather shoes and knit sweaters, maybe none of the above. We entered the open doors together, pasa pasa, laughed with heartiness, my heart was fluttering every time was on screen.

When the foreign film was done, we all left and kept the door wide open.


  1. haha lil sis you are funny. But I understand the fear of doing something new and in a foreign place. You don't know anyone or what to expect. It takes a great amount of courage to do something that you're not used to doing, we find comfort in the known, the light, so to speak. Be brave mea soror, it's a great big world out there, and that's the greatest adventure of all, discovering it.

  2. Bravo, my darling, all things in baby steps. The first stage of discoveing the world on your own. It's okay to be fearful, its a human thing. May you have many more brave moments.

  3. thank you for the support! It truly helps...

  4. Success! Glad you got your uno momento with Bill. I'll keep reading your tales of adventure because it sounds like you are having a great time. :) Happy, happy. Shelley.