Friday, April 9, 2010

recommended reading

As an addict of many things there is only one man who has been able to leave me satisfied with 10-page doses at a time: Marx. Obviously.

There is something in the way he writes (although I am aware that it is an English-translation) that stirs the embers in my core and make me want to end something he started over a hundred-and-fifty years ago.

Recently, I have dabbling in his Manuscripts on Economy and Philosophy, of which one of the chapters is called, you guessed it again, Money. Although I find the literature fascinating, it is a complex, interwoven, Hegelian-based dialectic that is hard to reinterpret onto paper (or a computer screen). It deals with man being alienated away from his product due to laborious hours as he is always in the pursuit to obtain another man's product. Unfortunately, my writing is not as concise and organized as Marx's philosophical, yet practical, prose.

Thus, I recommend the read for those who are interested in feeling better about working part-time, or feel like there is more to life than putting in 50+ hours of work a week in a job you hate. It truly is enlightening.

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