Sunday, February 14, 2010

contraband ibuprofen

I had my list of purchases that I needed to make for the day: film, toothpaste, a small towel and ibuprofeno (Buscapina gave me an allergic reaction last time).

I forgot that it was Sunday in San Telmo, as I often tend to forget what day it is, but today was definitely Sunday as the streets were packed for the fair. Vendors and artists lined the streets which meant that most businesses would be closed. I couldn´t buy film or a towel. I found toothpaste at the supermarket, but, for some reason, the supermarket did not carry ibuprofene. I went to a kiosco to buy some pain-killers and the guy told me it didn´t sell them anymore. That was fine, so I went to another kiosco that I knew sold them because I had bought them there before.

I went into the kiosco and asked for 10 capsules, the worker waited for the other customers to pay and leave. Once it was just the two of use, he shuffled behind the counter and presented my with a tiny, brown-paper baggy with 10 pills inside. Confused and a little nervous, I asked why the pain-killers were so hard to find. He could sense that I didn´t know yet. He looked around and explained that a law had been passed 2 weeks ago that disallowed the sale of ibuprofeno. I wanted to ask if the law applied to every business including pharmacies. However, some customers came in to buy some pop and water. The worker wished me a good day with an edge in his manner and I took that as a sign to get my contraband drugs out of the dealer´s backyard as quickly as possible.

Strange to think that a North American staple, for headache and cramp sufferers, could become the next item of prohibition. What are all the hungover porteƱos going to do?

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