Sunday, September 20, 2009


Foot in mouth. That is an action that I have had to come to terms with. Considering that this blog started with my negative thoughts about a certain zine, I now present you with Issue #85 of the infamous Adbusters.

As previously noted, Adbusters is a West-coast based magazine that focuses all of its energy on regurgitating left-wing propaganda. However, Thought Control in Economics has hit the Corporate nail on the head.

This issue is a compilation of essays and shorts about our current economic state: a complete monopoly. Unlike previous issues, the stories range from mini-bios on the 'mavericks' of forward-thinking economic thought to the definition of our 'autistic economy'. It also questions where our youth have gone. Today, we no longer see the passionate, persistent, inquisitive nature that has been so definitive of the young of yore. Our stream-lined 'education' system doesn't help and the writers makes note of it.

So, what Adbusters delivers is a prescriptive antidote to Corporate takeover. Instead of going to school and regurgitating ancient theory, the students must become provacateurs. Question the prof. Question the meaning of grades. Question what one is really learning.

Nonetheless, I was sad to see that the only solution that Adbusters provides for our Capitalist economy is State intervention. Again, as I mentioned in the blog's first post, I hope that the readers question this answer and not take it too seriously. I said it before, and I'll say it again, the State is the Corporation and if you don't believe me, they are least in tandem with one another. ('They both share the same interests and they protect one another'. - Can't recall book name.)

The answer is not to look towards the State but to the people. Whether it is on the right or the left, corruption ensues where power is given to the few. Let's spread it out. Take ownership of your place in this world and make that change. Most people do not need a dictator breathing down their backs to tell them right from wrong. Life is not nasty, cruel, brutish and short. It's worth it, so let's take it.

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