Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's in a name?

Recently, I was informed that my posts on this blog were too abrasive because the terminology I use is too vague. It never occurred to me that some of the words I have been using would seem irrelevant or confusing. Therefore, I am writing this entry to clarify a personally relevant issue.

I use the term comrade intentionally. To me it is a word that connotes friendship, trust and a firm socio-political stance. It is a word from the dark ages of Marxist Russia and Cuba. However, in no way does it mean fascist-Communism on this blog.

Marx is a misunderstood individual. So many people associate him with the sickle and hammer or totalitarian dictators. Despite all of this negative cred, he believed that humanity would come to an age, some point in time after capitalism, where we could do anything that made us happy.

As a quick re-cap of his entire works, Marx believed that the Industrial Revolution was a great idea because machines were supposed to free up our time in order to allow mankind to create art, build houses, weave baskets... whatever you were good at that made you happy! Marx definitely was a firm believer in a communal style of living where every necessity was provided to everyone so that we could live our dreams doing what made us happy. However, like most great thinkers, his ideas were perverted. Most people think of Marx as a lover of the state when he actually abhorred it. He thought that the state was a corrupt facade for major corporations to exploit the worker, the proletariat. Instead, he thought that Civil Society was the perfect social provider and peace enforcer. He hoped for a day when the workers would unite and tear down the capitalist fibres that poison our society. By doing this, each worker, no matter his/her job or skill would be considered an equal member of society and all would be friends (comrades).

So, there you are comrades. The reason why I choose to call each man, woman, child, and animal comrade is because we are all the same. Even though we are animals, our logic and reason can tear down the steps of hierarchy and unite us.

Don't let the machine make you think that you are not worth your natural right to freedom.

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